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Bathroom Cabinets

Whether you’re looking to update an existing outdated bathroom or looking to add a new one, Ira’s can overhaul your bathroom into a beautiful and highly functional space.

Bathrooms are jam-packed with sinks, shower/bathtubs, and toilets, most of which are difficult and costly to replace with a custom model. It’s why many homeowners turn to custom made bathroom cabinetry to add some much-needed flair to their otherwise stale bathrooms. The beautiful earthy tones of natural wood create a warm and inviting environment that bathrooms traditionally haven’t had.

Get started by meeting with one of our master craftsmen to select the best wood, cabinet style, and finish to bring your dream bathroom to life.

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Many people begin and end their day in front of the bathroom vanity making it one of the most important places in their home.

Our bathroom vanity design process keeps this in mind with a special emphasis on functionality and durability.

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Your bathroom’s cabinetry sets the tone for the rest of the room, so it’s important to find a look that you love.

Natural wood cabinets can help turn a boring bathroom into an earthy oasis of color.

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Bathrooms are by far the smallest rooms in the house. But towels, soaps, toiletries, cosmetics and more need to be stored neatly and efficiently.

That’s why we design our custom bathroom cabinets to maximize space and keep things organized.


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