Get A Free Project Quote

    At Legendary Cabinet Co. our customer service is also tailored to your needs and your level of understanding about the process. Although every situation is unique, here’s an overview of what you can expect:

    Initial Contact

    Typically, a homeowner will reach out to Ira’s via email or phone call to discuss their upcoming project (replacing a vanity, remodeling a kitchen, adding a cabinet, etc). Our goal at this point is to have a general conversation to increase our understanding of your needs and wants. This stage is meant to be fact finding and educational for both parties. Some commonly discussed topics include:

    • Wood selection, grains, and coloring
    • Functionality and level of usage
    • Appearance and aesthetic of your space (this is the “feel” of your home and/or how you want the project to accentuate your living area)


    Our next step is to generate your custom proposal. This includes both a monetary estimate of cost and an individualized CAD drawing representing our interpretation of your vision. It’s our practice to provide these materials through email to allow you to carefully review each item before making your decision. If you prefer, we will deliver the proposal in-person so they can be discussed immediately.


    Once you’ve reviewed the proposal, we welcome feedback and requests for revision. Our goal is to create a mutual understanding before anything is finalized. We recognize that home improvement projects are challenging and it’s of the utmost importance that we capture your vision fully.


    Upon approval of the proposal, we will schedule an appointment to confirm customizations and finalize selections. The key component of this meeting is the samples. From paint/stain color to hardware and handles, you will have the opportunity to see, feel, and examine the possibilities before deciding. Generally, due to the location of our shop, we will meet at your location and bring select samples based on the project proposal and our previous on-site visit.


    Finally, we will work with you to set realistic expectations on the length of time needed to create your custom pieces. This will vary depending on the size and specs of your project. We’ll also set an anticipated installation date based on your scheduling needs and engagements.

    Customer Feedback

    For the woodworkers at Ira’s, your feedback is one of the most important stages of a project. During this process you’ve trusted our company and our abilities and that means something to us. Please expect an email or phone call after your installation is complete to discuss your experience and your feelings on the final result.